Half Moon Farm is an organic farm located on Old Bedford Road in Concord, Massachusettes. It has been owned by the Delaney family for more than 200 years, and was built in the early 1700s. It has a keeping room with a fireplace. In the 1770s, Paul Revere stayed there for shelter.

In 2008, it was nearly turned into condos when the Delaneys couldn't pay the property taxes for it being a business. Megan's fashion show saved the day, which was part of the plot in Much Ado About Anne.

Animals Edit

--Led and Zep, the Belgian plow horses

--Sugar and Spice, the Shetland sheepdogs

--Sundance, the goat Jess raised for 4H

--The chickens: Loretta Lynn, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift

Food Products Edit

--Raspberry jam

--Blue Moon cheese