Jemima Duff is a minor character in the mother daughter book club series. She appears in Pies & Prejudice. She is in Annabelle's posse.

Friends Edit

Jemima's known friends are Annabelle Fairfax, Sophie Miles and Victoria Wesley. Annabelle is their leader and Jemima and the others always follow her.

Nicknames Edit

Annabelle, Sophie and Victoria call her "Puff". No one else is allowed to call her that except them.

Hobbies Edit

Jemima's only known hobby (besides following Annabelle) is reading the teen magazine Flashlite, because she texted a picture to Annabelle (of Annabelle) that she saw in Flashlite.

Education Edit

Jemima attends the Knightley-Martin School.

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